GOKADEN WEB3 community white label platform

We empower communities

GOKADEN is a white label community collaboration and contest platform that integrates next gen technologies like Blockchain and AI. GOKADEN is built to be simple, open, safe, inclusive and gamified.

We build on five pillars

1. How does GOKADEN work?
Users on GOKADEN can share their projects and gain supporters. The platform features a leaderboard system to encourage community interactions. Fans can earn digital and IRL rewards by supporting projects.
2. What is the goal of GOKADEN?
The primary goal of GOKADEN is to become the go-to platform to engage a community of builders and creators in a collaborative vision or a positive contest.
3. Is GOKADEN currently live?
As of the latest update in April 2024, GOKADEN is supporting five communities in WEB3 Space, Journalism, Entertainment and Education.
4. How does GOKADEN generate revenue?
GOKADEN's business model includes licensing and premium features.
5. Who is behind GOKADEN?
The GOKADEN team specializes in Tech, Marketing and legal, led by Founder Amine Boubrik.

They trust us

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